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Block kids     BLOCK KIDS 2019
BLOCK KIDS was created in 1990, with the objective of engaging elementary school children in the creative thinking and reasoning skills used by people in the design and construction professions. As self-directed career thinking is starting to occur at an ever-earlier age, it also introduces them to design and construction as a possible career path.
Students in grades K-6 are given a tool kit of 100 interlocking blocks, one piece of string, one piece of aluminum foil and one piece of construction paper. They are given 45 minutes to create a "mini-model" of a "commercial" structure of their imagination. The creative process is then followed by a brief consultation with a local industry volunteer, who then discusses with the student about his/her project and the process of thinking and making. In these conversations, students are judged on their oral presentation, clarity of purpose.
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There is no charge for participation, but space is limited to 100 students.
Date: 02/16/2019 (Sat.) - Note the new date
Time: Check in at 9:00 AM
Location: IBEW Local 58 Union Hall
1358 Abbott St, Detroit, MI 48226
(Parking provided off Porter St.)
PARENTS: Get more information here. Contact Block Kids Program Chair This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with questions
Students K-6: Register here 
Volunteers: Apply here
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Project Accelerate 2015

Detroit #PA has concluded for 2015.  Connect for information on 2016 available programs.
Thanks to our sponsors and supporters for another successful program.  
Check out "NAWIC Detroit PA 2015" on Animoto http://t.co/VLNMBfu7Mf‪#‎animoto‬

The What:2015OverviewPA-1
#PA is a comprehensive immerse and exposure program designed to strategically expand opportunities within and around construction and related industries.


It was in the wake of an industry-wide economic reboot. Colleagues were facing significant challenges in their employment, professional development, and marketability.

Taking a business approach to working with limited resources and creatively addressing the issue of a dwindling membership, we recognized this as an opportunity to refocus our efforts on the core of our NAWIC purpose; the idea that as an association, we should enhance the careers of women in the construction industry.

This program was designed to build on, and/or introduce knowledge that would be value-added to a woman's upward trajectory in the workplace.

We identified our demographic and felt that it should reflect our membership. In the last two years, the Detroit-based class reflected participants between the ages of 18 and 57. What we didn't anticipate was the universal appeal of this program; an appeal that has directly expanded our membership.

We identified strategic alliances and drew initial speakers, presenters, and partners from our pool of influence and membership which included the business community, local building trades, businesses, and higher educational facilitators.

We created a modular program model that brought together divergent, yet related components of construction, design, engineering, and the trades.

Participants experience personal and professional development with a concentration on facilitating opportunity and increasing one's industry knowledge. Our program welcomes entry level to CEO's, employed and unemployed, and has been proven to appeal to all levels of women in the industry, and those potentially interested in the industry.

Selection of participants and the successful completion of this project is based upon attitude, aptitude, and attendance. Each applicant fills out a simple personal profile, adds a paragraph of why they feel this program will benefit them, notes an understanding of requirements, submits to an interview, and in most cases submits a letter of recommendation.

Costs are minimal. There is no monetary commitment from participants. The Program provides all tools necessary for success. Budget for the program can be basic or comprehensive.

Transportation to venues is not included. Required of candidates is a dedication to the schedule and transportation to and from partner venues. Carpooling is encouraged.

Expanded Lunch & Learns. No time is wasted in this Program. Lunches are prime opportunities for guest speakers and ancillary information dissemination. Meals and snacks are provided by presenters and sponsors.

Program Delivery Platform is a modular, component-driven model that provides an opportunity for program customization. We partner with educational facilities, trades, and experts in their fields, concentrating on experiential STEM and trades programing. This model delivers to participants an industry overview and expansion of one's working vocabulary. The big idea here is to provide insertion options to women at all levels to grow in their current and future positions, identify interests and proficiencies, and mentor to ever higher levels. It was extremely important to the original program designers to create a sustainable, industry-reinforced collaborative, experiential, achievement environment.

Partners Benefit on several levels. Immediate benefits include industry exposure, media opportunities, an enriched participant breadth of knowledge, a tangible exhibition of dedication to community enrichment, and the ability to have a prime opportunity to observe and offer potential candidates employment/educational opportunities. Presenters and participants are able to note their activities on resumes. Long term benefits beyond industry service include expanded knowledge of divergent veins of construction related disciplines and opportunities.


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